Crazy Critters' Project

SCYS offers a creative project which engages young people creative activities which are showcased through this website

SIAP (Substance Inhalation Abuse Program)

This program assist individuals who require assistance with solvent inhalation
issues and families of these people.

WIN ( Work Initiative Now) - Work For The Dole

This program provides individuals with training and skills as part of the WIN initiative.

Street work Project ( Outreach Youth Work)

This programs aims to network the centre staff with other agencies , shopping centres and security staff who come in contact with young people. We also aim to work with families of these young people.

Outreach TAFE Project - Certificates in General Education For Adults

This program offers young people the opportunity to complete Certificates in General Education for Adults via negotiated projects.


Youth workers at SCYS offer young people with advice and support to resolve many issues utilising informal counselling

Centrelink Outreach Service

The Centrelink Officers visit SCYS and assist young people with centrelink issues.

JPET Outreach

The JPET team often visit SCYS and offer support to young people.

Youth Focus - Project for young people at risk of suicide or self harm

This agency is contacted by SCYS for young people

Community Development Family and Childrens Service Holiday Program

Young people are offered the opportunity to participate in a holiday liesure program

Across The Board Referral

SCYS offer young people referral to other relevant agencies

Court Support

SCYS staff will attend where appropriate court sessions for their clients.

Recreation Program

SCYS offer a comprehensive range of projects and programs for young people involving them in recreation.

Unstructured Exercise Program

SCYS has a fully equipped gym setup, basketball court and skate facilities

Martial Arts

SCYS offer a martial arts program on a Tuesday and Friday at the Centre

Street Doctor

SCYS has a range of medical referral strategies including the Street Doctor who arrives on a Wednesday every two weeks

Bootscooting for intellectually challenged young people

SCYS has a dynamic group of intellectually challenged individuals who participate in a bootsccoting program every Wednesday

Hip Hop Breakdance workshops

This program is conducted on a Wednesday and is a very popular program for young people.

Crisis Accomodation Assistance

Young people are offered assistance who are seeking accomodation


SCYS has fully equiped kitchen for young people to prepare food.

Shower Facilities

SCYS has shower facilities for young people to use