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Crazy Critters

Project Title

Crazy Critters

Key Target Group

The target for the proposed project is marginalised young people including indigenous young people who are socially and emotionally dislocated from the mainstream. They are clients of the Swan City Youth Service Agency (including individuals who have been referred by other agencies) between the ages of 15 to 25.

All have incomplete education and many suffer educational institutional phobia. They have been disengaged from education, training or employment for a number of years. They are mostly on income support. Some are homeless and others are substance abusers.

Project Description

Swan City Youth Services has a partnering arrangement with Swan TAFE to provide access to education for clients of this service at the agency itself . However, this project targets another group who do not have the confidence or life skills to access this formal training. This project would be a first step for them. The proposed program would create initial learning opportunities via the creation of artworks of a different kind.

Crazy Critter sculptures built from metal, wood, fabric and other mixed media will be facilitated by professional artists and project co-ordinators

This project is also supported by SCYS staff.

Progarm Expansion

Participants will plan the purchase of products and will learn basic skills such as measuring ( maths) whilst also discussing and negotiating production materials and space . Participants will draw up plans with the help of trainers ( using basic numeracy and literacy)

This particular project team would seek the assisstance of the Read, Write Now program and with the support of Swan TAFE, plan and mount an exhibition of artworks .

Electronic Interface

The program will utilise the services of a practitioner / facilitator / trainer who will interact with the project participants and capture their works in progress and showcase results of this research with participants permission via the internet.

Each participant is encouraged to explain the cultural meanings associated with these artworks and given the opportunity to relate these meanigs in a variety of ways including m-learning principles, blending their face-to-face contact with that of interactive technologies.


The projects contacts for this project are:

Tony, Mollie or Alex who can all be reached on 61+ (08) 9 274 3488 during business hours.